Thursday, October 30, 2008

Studio pics
They finally came~
Although I was pretty happy with the outcome,
in some pics,
I actually wished they didn't edit anything
cause now some of the pics look too over exposed
lighting too bright etc~
Wished they had just left it
as before in the proofs :S

Very supportive friends that came~
Top left: Kyle, Shermaine, Ryan, Didi, Sujin, Wendy
Bottom left: Miki, Linda, Myself, Angel, Karen
To those that have graduated/couldn't make it,
Thanks for sending your well wishes too!!!
Family that came to my grad~
On the left is Dad's bro and Mum's sis :P This was developed into
a canvas family portrait :S Mum and Dad :P
My siblings~

There were more pics in the CD-Rom but

I was too lazy to upload :P

Cost of damage?

$750 :p

my memories ♥
11:26 PM;;

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Bottom Line
This was the Friendster Horoscope that appeared today:

Don't try to figure out why things are happening -- stay positive and keep going.
In Detail
Your life may be a mystery to you right now,
but that doesn't mean you have to solve it.
Don't try to figure out why things are happening
the way they are happening -- there is no reason.
You're not being tested, you're not being rewarded,
and you're not being punished!
The roller coast ride you're on is just another part of the journey.
If things get tough, rely on friends and family
to keep you smiling.
They're awfully good at cheering you up
and reminding you how special you are.

my memories ♥
8:54 PM;;

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Present thoughts
Love you,
Want you,
Need you,
Miss you?
Bunch of phony lies

my memories ♥
11:56 AM;;

Monday, October 20, 2008

Melbourne ROMP 2008
Yesterday was Burnett Institute's
Melbourne City ROMP!!!
in name of charity and of course our resume,
Yee Vonne and I decided to volunteer for it!!!
We both didnt get much sleep,
like only 3 hours the night before,
so I definately looked like a zombie!
Upon arrival at 830am,
we were assigned to be stationed at
checkpoint 31,
King's Domain~
Just outside the venue where we had
Singapore Day!
That means,
Weather yesterday was freaking unpredictable
cold and hot,
cold and hot!!
Argh so irritating~
Melbourne's weather.
here's some shots of what happened:

with our checkpoint manager
the chatty Albert!
The gang @ King's Domain

Had fun yesterday!!!
For more photos please visit:
In fact I "stole" all these pictures off their website!
Thanks to Sarah for taking
all these lovely photos!

my memories ♥
10:47 PM;;

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I guess for everyone,
there's a particular event/issue
that they feel strongly passionate and certain about.
For me,
there was this one thing I have felt
very certain about for the longest time.
I guess,
as fate might have predicted,
I might have took it for granted,
and let my opportunity slowly slip away
without me even realising it.
Never know if I'll ever be the same again.

my memories ♥
10:58 PM;;

Singapore Day 2008

We were really lucky that S'pore Day
this year was held in Melbourne :P

despite the chilly morning,
my family,
and a couple of our family friends
went down to the
Sidney Myer Music Bowl
for the
2008 Singapore Day!!!

Upon arrival,
this very familiar sight was spotted!

we were like @!%b^xy*@#%
Come until Melb still have to face this!!!


What to do...

~Queue loh~ (Singaporean lingo lolx)

Took us over an hour to step foot into the event.

Went in,

collected Goodie bags filled with good old favourites like Yeo's drinks,

Glory Kaya,

and something more recent,

NeWater (wth!)

Had to queue up, so~ shitload of camwhoring moments comin up:

Joachim in front of the endless line

Mum & myself~
MOE Booth???
Proud of our education system?
Something I find puzzling >.<
Whats the queue for?
Nasi lemak!
I waited 1.5 hours~
Event layout
Goodies from the goodie bag :P
Singapore Day,
made possible by these kind people


*after a day under the scorching
I'm officially roasted!*

my memories ♥
8:35 PM;;

Friday, October 03, 2008

Random thoughts
Sometimes I feel that in life,
its so easy for us to judge others
without actually knowing
what is it like being in the other's shoes.
This is especially true for people
that judge things based on what it seems on the surface.
At times,
I may appear
let my thoughts run too far.
do you actually know how
it feels like being me?
Its really easy for someone to say
that they want to explore,
to take an unconventional route in life.
how many of us can have the luxury
to make a free choice,
without the other considerations in life?
Perhaps the only thing on my mind
is to have a stable life.
Free from having to vex
over being at crossroads all the time~
Free from having to decide
which side of the fence I should be on~
Free from having be torn over
listening to my heart or my brain~
Free from having to live in constant uncertainty~
Free from having to doubt one another~
Free from having to wonder if you'll survive~
Now that you've heard this,
does having an unconventional life
sound all that exciting to you?
Still envious?
You think its having such a life is fun,
when you have so many things at stake?
How many people have tried and gave up?
Think again.
Would you like to swap shoes?
I know I would.

my memories ♥
11:45 PM;;

Sunday, September 07, 2008

My "empty" date
What started off as an ordinary Msn nick "expression"
turned into a theme date!
In the days after Ney left,
there was one particular day
where I felt exceptionally lonely~
I typed "feelin empty"
onto my Msn nick..
Didi took notice of it
and he decided to attempt to cheer me up
by asking me out for dinner :D
Kyle and Miki came along too
and we all caught up over dinner at Greasy Joe's
and tea @ San Churros!!!

Happy aiye??
Thanks guys I really enjoyed :D
I should feel empty more often!!!

my memories ♥
11:34 PM;;

Name:Fiona Lim
~little peek into my life/me:~

**shopping** nothing can interest me more than shopping.
im not a materialistic person but u can say shopping is part of me.

**food** howeverthe greatest indulgence to me is to savour good food.
nothing beats a satisfying meal followed by shopping n more shopping. hehe..

**friends** erm ok, of coz i do love to indulge in little chats withs me friends too..
without friends, there'll be no juicy news to gossip about ;p lolx

**more** most importantly of course, there's my special someone, my pillar of support :)
(did i mention i love dogs?! i have a weakness for them.. especially those big fluffy,furry ones! fav!!!)


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